Our Process

1. Make an appointment: Let your sartorial journey begin

Please call/whatsapp/text on +1(202) 751-1859 for appointments anywhere in the world or email us at vijay@rbespoke.com. We will come to your office/home or you can visit us in the office at your convenience.

For a 1st time client we will need approximately 60-90 mins for our meeting.We want to get to know you, decide together what colours look good on you, what fabrics to use based on your needs and where you live and finally measure you.

For existing clients, thank you for coming back, we would love to spend as much time as you need after all you are family.

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2. Fabric Selection & Measurement

We will bring with us hundreds of fabrics and guide you through the process. The fabrics we will have are 100% wool, cashmere, flannel, tweeds, cotton, linens.

After the fabric selection, we will measure you thoroughly. We want you to enjoy every moment of this experience so do allow enough time.

Once we are done with this we will email all the details to our custom tailoring team in Hong Kong.

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3. Final Fitting / Delivery

We will email you or call you to make an appointment for the final fitting unless you are in Hong Kong where we would agree on the final fitting appointments when you place your order.

If the clothes fit well, they are yours to start using them, if changes are needed, we will get it done for you.

In some locations around the world, we would ship the clothes to you once they are ready. If minor alterations are needed, we would credit you for the alterations. If major alterations are needed, (1 in 1000) we would remake the clothes at our expense.

Our products are guaranteed to fit.

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4. Commitment to Quality and Workmanship

Every button, thread, lining, zipper is thoroughly checked by our QC team before shipping.

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